I don’t know particularly why, but today went by really fast.  Not much to report on- I worked, I felt too lazy to go surfing despite a good surf report.  Amanda toasted a leftover waffle for dinner and I finished off the chicken apple sausage then we sat around and watched TV, mainly Saved, because nothing else really was on.

I mentioned that Harvey reminds me of a luck dragon, so Amanda started singing the song for Neverending Story, so I looked it up on YouTube and, surprisingly enough, there’s a video for that song by someone called Limahl, which I’ll leave here for your viewing pleasure.

And I always thought the person who sang that was a girl.  Apparently Limahl is a dude.

Amanda was getting ready for bed whlie I was trying to watch the episode of Deadwood that I’d started watching yesterday when she came downstairs and told her to make sure that when she gets pregnant I make sure she doesn’t let herself go.  I told her I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that, except if she wanted to stay in shape she’d have to develop habits now that could carry over whenever that happens.  That lead to a discussion about why Amanda doesn’t like going into the ocean when it’s rough.

Anyhoo, I finished watching Deadwood and now I’m watching Trueblood.  It’s a new HBO series about vampires.  From what I’ve seen so far, synthetic blood has been invented and so vampires have decided to come out and be public about themselves.  Pretty interesting concept.

Zach Dotsey