Work went by pretty fast again today.  I ended it with an hour long conversation about blogs and one of our bigger clients is going to install one.  I’m not sure why, but I get excited about installing blogs for people.

After work I picked up around the house and vacuumed a bit and Amanda, when she got home, helped out and fixed some salad.  I went out to pick up some Little Caesar’s pizza for small group and as I was heading out the door Amanda asked me to fill up the gas tank.  I said I would, but I’d be going to Gogas because the Kangaroo doesn’t have the little clips on the pump handle so you can just let it go.  Amanda told me that was out of the way and it didn’t matter, and I told her that she wasn’t going so it shouldn’t matter to her anyway.  Hm, that makes it sound like it was an argument, but it wasn’t.  Anyway, I hate it when gas stations remove the clip in the handle and make you squeeze it the whole time.

Gogas is right behind the Kangaroo, and while I did have to turn off of Murrayville Road for a a hundred feet or so, it turned out to be good because not only did Gogas have the clip on the handles, but they were a little cheaper too.

I took the recycling too, before I got the gas.

So anyway, I picked up three pizzas (and forgot to ask Little Caesar’s to give me plates) and headed home.  I was in a pretty good mood and actually excited about small group tonight.  I kept trying to find a song to rock out to on the way home, but even with XM Radio’s 900 or so stations I couldn’t find anything to get me going.

Tonight was a relaunch of sorts, the return of small group, a time to come together and recommit to making it work.  Everyone was there except Elliot, who, it turned out, was in Raleigh earlier and then had to come back and do some work in Wilmington.  We were going to play some games because the group as it is now doesn’t really know each other all that well.

Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson have been with us the longest now, but their attendance since Mike and Kaityln Boscaljon joined has been kinda spotty.  Mike (Lars) and Kaityln have been pretty consistent, but Justin and Lisa Hauenstein have been a bit inconsistent as well, but that’s mainly due to sickness.

We were going to play a game, I was thining Imaginiff or Apples to Apples or something of the sort, but we all spent most of the time talking and catching up, which is good of course.  We discussed what we wanted to study and what we were going to do about the meetings and such and we decided that we’ll mostly stick to the weekly material based on the message and maybe try doing a Starting Point study.  Starting Point is a discussion/lesson to help get acquainted or reacquainted with God.  It’s exactly what its name says- a starting point.

Anyway, everyone left then Bonnie Narron called from across the street to see if we’d take care of her cats for the weekend, which of course I said we would.  Then Amanda and I watched Fringe, a new show by JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost.  It looks to me like it’ll be a X-Files type of show with governement consipracies and superpowers.  Or something like that.  I didn’t feel much of a connection with the main character, Olivia, played by Anna Torv.  I’m not sure what it was.  Anyway, I’ll certainly give it a few more episodes.

After that was off Amanda went to bed and I played Halo 3 with Michael Mercer and Chris Flowers.  Yes, Chris Flowers, aka Art Vandalay, is back on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.  Michael told me that someone had hit his car and gave him a check and so Chris decided to repurchase an Xbox 360.  He’d gotten rid of it previously because he was tired of having to send it off for repairs.

I suck at Halo 3 now, by the way.  Worse than I used to.  I mean, I once was at least decent in shooting games, but I guess the closer I got to turning 30, then actually turning 30, has dulled my skills.

After Chris got off Michael and I played Catan. The computer won, but Michael and I both had nine points.  I think he would have won if he’d been given another chance, or if is hadn’t rolled a sevent each time he had more than seven cards (and therefore had to discard half of them).  He said he was going to say he won, since he should have.  I told him he didn’t win so he couldn’t say that, to which he replied that he could because he had just said it.  I told him there wasn’t much I could argue there.

DeMarcus Nelson, a former Duke Blue Devil, signed as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors, so a big congratulations needs to go out to him!

Zach Dotsey