I’ve felt pretty good about work the past couple days.  I mean, I’ve always liked my job, but I’ve felt very satisfied lately.  I think we’re doing some pretty fun stuff, or it could be that I feel like I’m setting up some fun jobs.  I don’t know, but it’s a nice feeling.

I went surfing after work, meeting Michael out there, and Lars arrived after a bit.  It was extremely choppy, but Michael and I were able to catch a few good waves.  BB is pretty stable, so when a wave stops pushing me I’ll usually stand on top of it until he sinks below the water then I’ll step off.  I did that once today and the board popped back up, as it always does, but it slammed against my right knee, which really, really hurt.  I dropped a few choice words and scrambled up on the board as best I could without touching my knee to it and started to paddle in.  It sucked because the waves were getting better and I could have caught one or two while paddling in, but I didn’t want to put any pressure on my leg at all.

Lars got out shortly after that, saying the waves weren’t giving enough push for a guy his size.  We walked over to where Theo and his buddies from California were playing a bit in the shorebreak.  Michael came in after a few and went on in, although he ran into Anna and Barry on the way in.

I threw myself into the hard shorebreak like the other guys were doing for a bit, and I was able to do it without bothering my leg.  We all went in and showered off then Michael and I went upstairs and talked to Barry for a little bit before I went on home.

Amanda had worked with her exercise ball a bit, though she had a headache, probably from the weather.  (It was rainy and dreary all day.  It did sprinkle while we were out surfing, but it didn’t bother anyone since we were already in the water.)  There wasn’t much to eat so I had a Lean Cuisine pizza.  Amanda said I ruined it by putting extra cheese on it, but I wanted to cover up the taste of the red peppers I couldn’t pick off of it, plus I usually put extra cheese on little pizzas like that.

While Amanda and I were watching Ghost Hunters Michael called and reminded me about his fantast football league draft.  Yes, a week late, he decided to start one since he regretted not having joined one.  My laptop died part of the way through and I had to reboot it, so I missed out on three rounds of the draft, thereby putting off picking my defense until everyone else had gotten theirs.  Still, it should be a decent team.

So this year I’ve got two fantasy football teams.  Hooray.  I won my first game in my brother-in-law Josh Sawyer’s league and lost my first one in my brother-in-law Michael Mercer’s league.  The sucky thing about losing in Michael’s is that it retroactively scored the games based on the people we picked and the order we picked them in.  I lost to Michael himself by a measly seven points.

Zach Dotsey