So, today was the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  I always get choked up watching footage of the people jumping out of the buildings and seeing the towers fall.  Just horrible.

I’ve got to say though, there didn’t seem to be as much of a to do about it this year, and that’s probably a good thing.  It means that we as a nation have started to heal.  I don’t think anyone who was old enough to remember that Tuesday morning has forgotten or ever will forget it, but I think we’re moving past it.

That’s not to say there was nothing on about it.  I had the History Channel on in the background all day, as I often do, and I think all the shows they had on today dealt with it in some way.  There was one about the photography of the day that I thought was very interesting.

I wonder what kids like my three-year-old nephew Jackson and any kids I have will think about it.  I imagine to them it will be some far-off thing that they hear about as part of the cultural consciousness.  They won’t know the way it changed the world because the world they won’t have known the difference.

Every generation has those “Where were you?” moments.  For my grandparents there was the Attack on Pearl Harbor.  For my parents there was the Kennedy Assassination and the Moon Landing.  Previously I think the biggest thing my generation had was the Challenger explosion.

Moving along, after work I met Michael Mercer out at Wrightsville Beach for some surfing.  Barry and Kirsten Frazelle came out for a bit, but they didn’t stay long.  The waves weren’t pushing us much and they were pretty choppy for most of the time that we were out there, but it smoothed out towards the end and Michael and I were able to catch some decent waves.  Not great, but decent.

My knee still aches a tad from yesterday.

Amanda did her exercises tonight, for which I’m proud of her.  She said he stomach is pretty sore from it.

I talked to Kyle van Zandt on the way home.  He and his wife, Lorin, are going ahead with a Sunday night small group.  They’re pretty excited about it.

I also talked to Seth Holloman tonight, and he had some pretty interesting things he hinted at as far as Duke basketball recruiting goes.  It has to do with Andre Dawkins, who has already committed for the recruiting class of 2010, coming to school during the visits of two other highly-sought recruits: Tyler Thornton and Josh Hairston.  We’re all hoping he can help rope these guys in.  And if we could just get Kenny Boynton to go ahead and tell Florida to take a hike and join the Blue Devils as well… man, the next few years wil be fun!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I read about a “concrete printer” which works like an ink jet printer but lays down concrete (or other substances) to build buildings.  It’s not in use right now, but the implications of it are pretty big.  It will be able to take any structurally-sound computer image from an architect (including ones with rounded edges and domes) and build a house in about 24 hours.  If it works like they think it’ll make it so much quicker, cheaper and easier to build a house.

Zach Dotsey