Scott and I spent a lot of time at work today doing some audits and discussing some strategies.  I sure do have a lot of freedom in my work.

Amanda wanted sandwiches for dinner tonight so she bought some turkey and, at my request, some bologna.  Nick and Amy Warkentien came over and ate sandwiches with us for dinner.  They brought the condiments because we don’t have any sandwich condiments.  Personally, aside from ranch there’s not much I’d add to a sandwich.  After we ate we watched Anchorman, which, somehow, they had never seen.

After they left and Amanda went to bed I played Catan with Michael (and lost- ugh) then Halo 3 on Xbox Live.  We were later joined by Chris Flowers and Savory Squirrel.  I don’t know Savory Squirrel’s real name- he’s a friend of Chris’s I think.

Nick mentioned me and Amanda in a recent blog post.  He needs to watch out, doing blogs like that, or he’ll start being as inane as I am.

For those who don’t bother clicking over to read Nick’s blog, please say a prayer for his sister, Missy, who has cancer that has spread to her kidneys.

Zach Dotsey