Amanda and I got up and went to Port City Community Church as we do every Sunday that we’re in town.  We saw and talked to Kyle and Lorin van Zandt before the 8:30 service.  W had talked last week about meeting up with them later for a brunch, but they had a lot on their plate for today and canceled.

The service was really good.  One thing I really like about our preacher, Mike Ashcraft, is how he’s able to take ordinary things and point out how they’re like a relationship with God.  Case in point, the series we wrapped up today was called UWalk and it was about your personal walk with God.  (It’s themed around a fictional line of footwear.)  The video bump this week dealt with some babies complaining about wearing shoes until another baby comes along and shows how useful they are and how he likes to walk.  So the lesson today, or the sermon, was about taking those steps to learn how to walk.

I do it no justice.

Amanda and I helped out with Grow Zone for the first time this week during the 10:30 service.  Grow Zone is the place where babies through pre-k are dropped off during services.  Amanda helped do odds and ends while I watched a door that nobody used.  Basically, my five and a half feet of intimidation were helping out with the security, which they take very seriously there.  It wasn’t the most exciting thing, but it was fun to watch the kids when they were being dropped off and picked up.  One kid was really excited when his dad came to pick him up- he had both of his palms pushing his dad’s cheeks back and kept saying “I played with Play-Doh!” as fast as he could repeat it.

We headed on out to Wrightsville Beach right after the volunteer lunch.  Barry Frazelle and I grabbed our boards (he used the Banana today) and went right on out to surf.  I wasn’t expecting much after yesterday, but it was actually one of the best days of surfing in quite a while.  I said something about going in to call Michael and tell him about it (he was home watching football), but Barry said that every time he and I go out surfing the waves are good and Michael curses the waves.  Sure enough, the mere mention of my brother-in-law made the water go flat for a while.

Lars (Mike Boscaljon) came out after a while and Barry, after continuously saying he was going to catch one more wave, doing so then coming back out, finally went back ashore.  It was getting crowded by that time.  Lars and I got out after a while but after our wives said they were about ready to go we went back in to get in some surfin while we could.  Lars did really, really well out there, particularly that second time.  It wasn’t nearly as crowded then either.

Lars and Kaitlyn are putting an offer in on a house in Sunset Park, over where Amanda and I rented a place when we first moved here to Wilmington.  That’s pretty exciting!

Kirsten Frazelle was biking with some friends to the church.  We passed her once and honked at her, then we stopped for coffee (Amanda) and a milkshake (me), waited on some slow, very bad servce at Coldstone, looked around Pier One for a few minutes, then got back in the car to continue our journey home and passed Kirsten and her friends as they were turning on to Cardinal Drive from Eastwood.  We honked again and Amanda yelled out the window, “Kirsten Frazelle, I love you!”  They were only half an hour late.

Once home Amanda and I watched Saturday Night Live and The Soup.  I then found something about the invasion of Iraq (the more recent one) on National Geographic and watched that.  I thought it was really interesting but of course Amanda wanted to change it.  I told her that I’d gone through all the stations in the guide already and there was literally nothing else on.  After surfing through the channel guide she had to admit I was right and let me watch the rest of the show without bother.

Amanda wasn’t feeling the best this evening.  After she went to bed I watched Deadwood and Entourage.

This weekend went by fast!

Zach Dotsey