I fell asleep watching Dr. Strangelove last night.  I saw that it was on one of the On Demand channels and hadn’t seen it in forever, so I had it in my head to watch it.  I didn’t get too far before falling asleep though.

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and let the dogs out to pee then went upstairs to get in bed.  Amanda woke up fifteen minutes later and said something about putting the dogs outside.  I told her they’d just been out a few minutes ago.  She then asked what time I had come to bed, and I told her a few minutes ago.

Work started off really busy today. Amanda got home a little earlier than usual because she’s doing the bag run this week.  I was going to go surfing but just didn’t feel like heading out there this evening, but Amanda and i did walk to the grocery store together to get bread and cheese for sandwiches.  Amanda decided to pick up some moon pies too.  We played a word association game the whole way there and back.

Amanda watched some TV then updated her Facebook and MySpace accounts.  I was playing College Hoops 2K7 pretty much the whole time, and she helped pretty up and update a spreadsheet I’d started to help me with my recruiting goals in the game.  The Campbell Fighting Camels have now won three national championships in a row.  I should probably increase the difficulty level.  I figure I’ll do that after Coach Bob Redford takes a job at a new school.  I’ve thought about moving him elsewhere, but there haven’t been any offers he’s interested in.

I also played Call of Duty 4 with Michael for a bit and I lost both of my fantasy football games this week.

Zach Dotsey