Not a whole lot to talk about today.  Scott came up with a new service yesterday that I was able to present to a few clients today.  It got busy towards the end of the day- lots of phone calls and such.  I was going to go surfing, but I remembered someone I needed to call back and that ended up taking until well after 6:00.  By then, Don Senik, the maintenance supervisor where Amanda works, stopped by since he was in our neck of the woods.  He’d watched Harvey for us back in July when Amanda and I went to Kentucky, so he wanted to stop and say hi to his buddy.

Anyway, by the time I was done with everything it was probably close to 6:30, and by the time I would have gotten to Wrightsville Beach I wouldn’t have had much time to surf before the sun went down.  I feel bad about it because I haven’t been out at all this week.  I didn’t feel like it on Monday, Tuesday we had small group, Wednesday we were at Polly and Dave Clawson’s and yesterday we were at Nick and Amy Warkentien’s.  We’ve just been social butterflies this week I guess.

I tried to make a milkshake today with a brownie, ice cream, milk and a blender.  It was too runny though, so next time I’ll use half as much milk.

Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Amanda’s a great wife.  She was originally planning on going to the beach with me, but she knew that her aunt, Anna Frazelle, would be too busy to go walk with her so she wouldn’t have anything to do, so she said she’d clean up the house while I went surfing.  This isn’t the first time she’s said that either.  I didn’t end up going surfing, as I already said, but she did clean up while I finished up work.

Anyway, I played Grand Theft Auto IV with Jason Revill while Amanda attempted to make some quesadillas, but they fell apart in the pan.  Still tasted good though. We watched an On Demand episode of Criss Angel while we ate then we watched yesterday’s season premiere of Smallville.  Lex is gone, Clark turned up powerless in a Russian labor camp (or something) and the Justice League (sans Cyborg and Flash) went looking for him.  They found Chloe and Clark almost died.  He was saved and got his powers back when the black Kryptonian guy showed up out of nowhere and I guess flew Clark to the sun to recharge him.  But if Clark didn’t have his powers, how did he survive escaping Earth’s atmosphere?  And why did fixing Clark take away the other guy’s powers?  And how did he make it back from the sun to the Earth without his powers?

Eh, whatever.  It was all okay, but I’m going to miss Lex.  He was, by far, the best character on the show.  They glammed up Lois, too, by the way, and hinted at the romance everyone knows is supposed to come between her and Clark.

We started watching Weekend at Bernie’s after that, but I ended up leaving and calling Michael Mercer and Jason to see about playing some Halo 3 on Xbox Live.  I played by myself for a bit and came in second in pretty much every game.  Michael eventually got on but Jason ended up not.  Michael got frustrated because the two of us were playing two-on-two versus matches and at the start his rank was a 12 and mine was a 4.  By the time we finished, even though he’d far outperformed me in all but maybe two games, he was a 15 and I was a 16.  I really don’t get the ranking system.

Chris Flowers joined us after a bit, but Michael and I had been playing for so long, and he has to get up in the morning anyway, so we only played a few games with him.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, is coming to visit us tomorrow.  Amanda said she wants to have breakfast with us then I think the two of them are going to go shopping or something.  We’ll go to the beach at some point.

I think I might see what Amanda says if I wake her up right now.  After she finished watching Weekend at Bernie’s or perhaps sometime during it, she put the TV on Children of Men, which I thought was a great movie.  I went out to check on her after one game of Halo and was surprised to find her still out there towards the end of the movie.  She said she was just too comfortable and didn’t feel like moving.  I feel like that a lot when I’m watching TV late at night, which is why I end up falling asleep on the couch then going up to bed really late many nights.

Zach Dotsey