We went to Port City Community Church this morning then had breakfast at Causeway Cafe.  Karen sure does talk a lot!

Went back home, Amanda and Karen went to Sam’s Club to get a few things.  Karen went back to Richlands after they got back.  Amanda and I hung out until 3:30 then headed out to Wrightsville Beach.  Barry and I went out surfing with Lars, who showed up a few minutes after us, and Amanda and Anna went for a walk.  Michael came out shortly after.  We all did pretty well out and I had a really great time.

Came in a little before dark.  Amanda and I went home and ate sandwiches.  Michael came by and picked up his dry clothes (which Karen folded for him earlier) then we watched Saturday Night Live30 Rock did great the the Emmys.

Talked to two cousins today.  David Cherryholmes called for Andra’s number and I chatted with him and I IMed with Francis Horner on Facebook.

Zach Dotsey