Summer officially ended today, and with the end of summer we welcome the TV season.  Yes, new TV episodes started airing the last couple weeks, but it’s started in full as of tonight.  We started off the night with Big Bang Theory, which found Leonard and Penny dating, but Penny unsure if she’s smart enough for her nerdy new boyfriend.  Then, much to Amanda’s extreme pleasure, came How I Met Your Mother.  Ted’s proposal to Stella is accepted but he realizes how little he really knows her and has her watch Star Wars to test her compatibility.  Also, Barney told Lily he’s in love with Robin so Lily tried to help him out.  Of course he ends up hiding his feelings.

Then Heroes came on.  It was two hours and the second hour came on at the same time as CSI Miami and Boston Legal.  Amanda decided that even though we wanted to see if our hunch that Horatio was “killed” as a ruse to draw someone out of hiding or something she could pass on the show.  So she gave it up for two shows that were more mine than hers- she only happens to catch Boston Legal now and then.

Anyway, Heroes was okay, but there are lapses in logic that just don’t make sense sometimes.  I mean, Peter traveled through time to kill Nathan to keep him from telling the world about people with powers.  Nathan survives and decides not to tell people about their powers on his own accord, so Future Peter later tells him that he came back in time to stop him from doing what he was about to do.  Why didn’t he just go back an extra ten minutes before the press conference in the first place and have that little chat with his brother?

On top of that, in the scene right before Future Peter tells Nathan about himself, he was talking with Claire and being all cryptic, saying he had to watch what he said to her.  There’s this one shot where Peter is looking straight into the camera and I’m thinking: I like you Peter, or I did the last couple seasons, but really, you’re an idiot.

Meanwhile, Peter’s actions caused Claire to be at home when Syler was looking for her.  He gained her healing powers and told her she was different from all the other powered people then said he couldn’t kill her if he wanted to.  He put her scalp back on her head and she healed right up.  So is she some kind of immortal or something?  And does that mean the catchphrase for the first season, “Save the cheerleader, save the world” was moot?  Joel asked me this and I said maybe “saving” Claire put into motion actions that lead to the world being saved.

Aside from all that, Mohinder injected himself with something he concocted from a sample of adrenaline from Maya and gained heightened senses, super strength and the ability to scale walls (Spider-Man with heightened senses), not to mention an uncharacteristic randiness, which he took out on Maya before waking up and finding himself mutating further.

Future Peter put Peter into the body of a killer who escaped and is on the run with some other escaped super-powered killers, Hiro went into the future and saw Future Ando kill future Hiro with some sort of energy power, disobeyed a video will from his father and put the world at risk by losing a piece of paper to a speedster chick in an ill-planned trap.  Hiro and Ando’s friendship is strained.  Oh, Peter’s mom had a vision about confronting the escaped villains with Sylar on her side.  The thought of Sylar as a good guy in some capacity is kinda cool.

I think Sylar’s really not bad- he just wants to collect powers.  What he should do is get Peter’s power, since Peter can absord other people’s powers just by being near them and Peter should be able to heal up like Claire, then he can go on his happy way collecting powers without killing people.

Anyhoo, like I said, the TV season is upon us.  Other than watching all of that and trying to fill up the DVR, Amanda decided she wanted to have people over this Friday for a game night and s’mores so I sent out some invites via e-mail and Facebook and I finally beat Whiteboard Tower Defense, a Flash game, on easy.

Zach Dotsey