Clay Aiken announced that he’s gay.  I don’t think anyone saw that one coming.  I love the way I saw it on

Clay Aiken is finally confirming what many people suspected: He’s gay.

Good for him.  I still think he’s well-cast as Sir Robin in Spamalot!.  Not that I’ve seen the musical, but I have seen the movie it’s based on a time or three (hundred).

My baby sister, Andra Sawyer, called this morning.  She put Jackson Sawyer, my three year old nephew, on the phone and he proceeded to tell me that he was coming to see me tomorrow.  He also asked if I got him a present and told me that he got me one.  I asked what it was and he said a toy.  It’s an Iron Man toy, apparently.  I asked what he wanted and he said a Star Wars toy.  Han Solo, to be specific, after I heard his dad, Josh Sawyer, prompt him in the background.

Jackson then went on to tell me he got me something else.  I asked what it was, and after he didn’t answer I asked if it was a 70-200mm f2.8 lens for my Canon camera, which he said it was.  I said, “Wow, you got me a $900 lens for my camera?”  He confirmed it, then went on to add a red car and new shoes to the list of presents he got me.  After Jackson handed the phone back to his mom I told her that I was going to be extremely disappointed if I didn’t get these things on my next visit.

I also asked Jackson if he was looking forward to being a big brother, as they were on the way to the “doctor of pre-natal” and of course he said he was.  I asked if he had a name for his little sister yet and he told me it was Sisty.  I told him that was the same name as the baby Amanda had a while back, although that was Cysty (we had named the cyst she had surgically removed, since it was the size of a fetus).  I started trying to explain that to Jackson then told him to forget it- it would take too long to explain.

Today wasn’t terribly busy, which is good because it gave me time to compile create a table with a list of all our clients’ domains going down the first column and a number of services that we offer going across the top row.  I think looked at each domain, considered what it was about and marked which, if any, of the services we offer would be particularly useful for that client, if they don’t use it already.  Then I started contacting people.

We had small group tonight.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but our printer won’t print right now because it’s out of all the colored ink.  I would think that if you told it to print in greyscale it wouldn’t worry about using anything but the black ink, but apparently that’s not the case.  Anyhoo, Amanda happened to print out the study material at work, so we used that.  We looked over it and she made some notes, so when we went to Lars and Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s apartment, I suggested that she lead the study, which she did admirably.

We had a nice night tonight.  Kaitlyn made some yummy meantloaf and corn casserole with brownies for dessert and after dinner we had our discussion.  Melissa Nicholson couldn’t make it tonight- she was still working when her husband, Elliot Clark, arrived at 6:30, but he did really well tonight.  He was very open and helped facilitate a lot of the discussion.  I think this was just the first time Justin and Lisa Hauenstein were able to meet with us at someone’s house and Justin was pretty forthcoming now and then.  Lisa spoke up some but I think she’s still getting comfortable.

After we got home, Amanda and I watched Fringe.  I’m at the point where I think I could not watch it, but I think the show is growing on me.  There’s nothing particular that I can point to that I don’t like.

Amanda went to bed and I finished watching an episode of Deadwood that I started watching last night but was too tired to finish.  I’d tried watching Deadwood once a long time ago because a lot of people told me I’d like it, but I couldn’t get into it because I had no idea who anybody was or what was going on.  It happened to be this episode, where Al Swearingen has stones in his bladder, and I was able to follow it much better this time.

Zach Dotsey