Amanda and I ate lunch today at Two Guys Grille at Independance Mall where Bear Rock Cafe used to be.  We sat by a window and for a couple minutes it seemed like everyone who walked by was either pregnant or had a new baby.  I told her that when we left she should go out there and turn around three times to soak up some pregnenergy.

Work was work.  I’m working on several things at work, but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much.  I want to accomplish much, I just sometimes don’t feel like I am.

After work Amanda and I went to Wrightsville Beach and took Bruce and Harvey along since, starting today, October 1, dogs are allowed back on the beach for, what is it, six months?  I met up with Lars Boscaljon and Kyle Van Zandt to go surfing and I thought Amanda would have a time trying to handle both of the boys by herself, but she said they did pretty well.  She set Bruce’s leash to a length then slid Harvey’s leash through the handle, so Bruce was basically tethered to Harvey and she only really had to worry about controlling him.

She walked them down to the jetty then just hung out on the beach, I guess watching us surf.  She said Harvey picked up and carried a shell for a while, then he put that down and picked up a rock.  He put the rock back down and dug holes on either side of it.  No idea why.  She said it was cute.

As for the surfing, there were a few waves out, but they weren’t very powerful.  I think each of us caught at least one, but there wasn’t much to them.  The water felt nice though and the sky was cool to look at.  There were stormy clouds coming in (though no rain or storm) and for a while it looked like someone had just cleaved the sky apart, ripped it asunder with the dark clouds acting as a scar in the sunsetting sky.

After a bit the three of us beached our surfboards and messed around with the shorebreak.  The waves were crashing hard right there, so we let them tumble us about a bit.  I about did a cartwheel on one, which I was momentarily afraid would break either my arm or my back.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some bread and some other stuff.  Then we got home, did some other stuff, spent about an hour calling people then watched Pushing Daisies.  I’ll go into more detail later.

Nick Warkentien’s got some potentially really good news, but I’ll wait for the official word to detailze that too.

Zach Dotsey