Work was a tad tough today.  I had the pleasure of spending a huge chunk of my day doing collections.  The good thing about that is that I not only got a number of people current, but I made the company a little more by upselling now and then as well.  It mostly went fine, but I did have one person give me a bit of a headache.  Almost brought me down from today’s natural high.

Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, went surfing with Kristen Phillips tonight.  He’d said something to her about joining a bunch of us who go out on Wednesday nights, but she couldn’t go on Wednesday.  Coincidentally, he was working last night so he couldn’t either so they planned to go do it tonight.  I teased him about it some.  He assured me that while she is cute, he won’t going to fall in love with her.

Amanda and I went to help out at the Couples Small Group Connection at Port City Community Church tonight.  We stopped by the Eckerds near the house on the way there, and it smelled terrible because of some sewer line work going on outside of it.  I was a bit annoyed too because the lady in front of my was buying enough things that she should have gone to a grocery store and kept going back to swap out items because they were priced wrong.  I was just trying to purchase one thing while I stood in sewer aroma.

We met some nice people at the Couples Small Group Connection, including a couple who live really close to us.  There were a LOT of couples there.  I have no idea how many groups got started- probably six or so with anywhere between four and six couples per group.  Blake and Stephanie Konny were there helping out as well.

Amanda was really tired before we left, which we explained to Wayne Harris on the way out.  She’s been a bit tired lately.  As soon as we got home she got ready for bed.  I watched the vice presidential debate and really didn’t feel that either Joe Biden or Sarah Palin was a clear winner in it.  I’ll tell you this though, that little governor from Alaska is just so darn cute ya know!  Seriously, I’d like to squeeze her.

Matt Davis called tonight while we were at the Couples Small Group Connection.  I thought about calling him back while I was watching the debate, but I didn’t know what time he and Melissa went to bed.  Towards the end of the debate I was checking out Facebook on my iPhone and saw that he was on, so he told me to give him a call after the debate finished, which happened to be about a minute or two later, so we chatted for a few minutes.

Zach Dotsey