After we got back to Stanton Pickens’ house last night we hung around and chatted a bit.  He and I had one more beer and he put Iron Man on his projector.  I was out before the Hummer blew up.  (That’s in the very first scene, for those who haven’t seen the movie.)  Amanda got about as far the Tony Stark getting captured.  She claims to have told me good night and I apparently responded, but I must have woken up just long enough to say that and fall back asleep.

I woke up a little after 7am on a giant bean bag chair (Amanda and I were on it when we started watching Iron Man) and went upstairs to Will’s room.  Will is Amanda’s other cousin, Stanton’s brother, but he’s in Boone for the weekend so Stanton told us that Amanda and I could crash in his room.

I don’t think I slept much from that point, but we got up and moving around I’d say somewhere around 9:30.  The four of us walked to a little place to eat right in the neighborhood called Citrus.  I mean the building the restaurant was in looked almost like just any other house in the beighborhood.  Sarah said it was cool, but it was probably why so many businesses had come and gone in that location.

We ate and I think Stanton was about to pay again, but after all he spent on us last night I told him he didn’t have to do that.  He did still gave us money towards the breakfast bill though.

We got back to their house and watched the beginning of Duke playing at Georgia Tech.  We took off not long after the start, but Duke ended up getting murdered, 27-0.  Ouch.  To make matters worse, Carolina beat 24th ranked Connecticut tonight.  They didn’t just beat them, they pretty much owned UConn, 38-12.  Good thing Duke’s got a bye next week so maybe they can refocus before people start thinking the 3-1 start of the season was a fluke.

Anyway, after we left Stanton’s we stopped by Southpoint Mall to do a little shopping for Andra’s baby shower, which is next weekend.  We walked around there for a while then got in the car and headed home, stopping only once to go to the bathroom (I had to pee a lot today, which I blame on the amount of alcohol consumed last night and the amount of fluids I drank subsequently to stay hydrated) and pick up some Smithfield’s BBQ to carry home for dinner.

There were a lot of people wearing UNC shirts at Southpoint today. I mean a lot. Amanda figured a lot of people had come to the area to go to the game tonight and were just spending time beforehand at the mall. I only saw one Duke shirt (and we were technically in Durham too!) but I attribute that to the fact that there was a Duke game on TV while we were there.

Once home we went across the street to Bonnie and Dave Narron’s to get Harvey and Bruce.  We talked to Bonnie (Dave was at a fishing tournament) for a few then came back home and vegged for the remainder.  We were just exhausted.

Zach Dotsey