Today was a bit different from most Sundays in that we slept in a little.  Don Senick, a friend of ours, was getting baptized at the 12:30 service at Port City Community Church, so we went to that service to show him our support.

I woke up at 6:00 and let the dogs out.  I went back to bed and woke up again about three hours later and decided to do something I think I might have done once years ago when Amanda and I were still living in Raleigh (although I’m not 100% sure), and that was to fix Amanda breakfast.  I made eggs, sausage and toast.  The smell of the sausage woke her up.  I heard her moving around and she called down to me, “Are you making breakfast?”  I told her to get back in bed, but she said she had to pee, so I told her to pee then get back in bed, which she did.  We ate upstairs in the bed and talked about the future.

After that we took our time getting ready for the day and left a few minutes before noon to go to PC3.  We sat behind Don’s fiancee, Laurel, and her parents and next to Dave, a friend of his.  For the baptisms they used to record a video and play that before a Port City Church staff member performed the baptism in a baptismal pool, stage right.  Don actually went through the video interview process, but they switched it up and now have somebody read something written by the person being baptised.  It was still very moving and we were all happy to witness the baptism of Don Senick.

As usual the message, or sermon, was very good.  Mike Ashcraft, the pastor, said he took a slight detour from his planned message for the week to expound a bit more on a topic that had come up in the previous weeks, and it was about staying together in a marriage.

Afterward the service Amanda and I stuck around a bit to talk to a few people.  Nick and Amy Warkentien were there and I mostly spent some time talking with Nick and Paul, a member of Nick’s small group.  Amanda was sitting around with Amy and Meagan, Paul’s wife.  When I saw Mike wasn’t talking to anybody I took the opportunity to ask him something.  Dangit, I can’t say what it was yet, but it lead to more discussion, which was pretty cool.

Amanda and I left the church eventually and went home to change and grab a bite to eat.  We loaded up Bruce and Harvey and headed to Wrightsville Beach.  There was absolutely no surf, but I got to walk with my family on the beach, which was nice.  Michael Mercer and Lars Boscaljon both planned to come out, but since there were no waves they didn’t.

So we walked and then came back to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s house.  Barry pulled up from taking Kirsten to church.  She got her driving permit this past week so she drove there.  We hung out and talked to them and Heidi Winslow, who stopped by, for a bit then went on home long enough to feed the dogs, take a quick break in the action and change before picking up some Little Caesar’s pizza and going over to Nick and Amy’s.

Nick and Amy were going to rent Iron Man but the video store was out of it so they got, at my suggestion, There Will be Blood.  Unfortuantely it’s about three hours long, so we put that off to another night and instead watched Lions for Lambs.  There was a lot of talking in the movie, but it seemed to move by pretty fast and I enjoyed it overall.  Nick sent me home with four CDs.

Amanda and I came on home.  She went to bed, I typed this.  Looks like I’m losing both of my fantasy football games again this week, one to my baby sister.

Zach Dotsey