Not too exciting a day today.  There was lots of work to be done, particularly for a Monday.  I suppose there will be plenty to do tomorrow too.

I went over a budget.  Amanda and I make a decent amount of money over what we pay in bills and the like monthly, but we’re thinking of cutting out a few things, like the cable package we have.

We have a lot on the DVR, so we mostly watched TV tonight.  Amanda fixed chicken, stuffing and green beans then we watched Supernatural, My Name is Earl, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Heroes.  All the good guys are turning into bad guy and the bad guys into good guys, it seems.

After Amanda went to bed I watched Entourage and Deadwood.  I need to catch up on True Blood.  Maybe I’ll do that starting tomorrow.

I wish I had some sort of insights or cool thoughts to share for today, but really, it was that uneventful.

Zach Dotsey