Amanda and I helped out with Grow Zone today at the 10:30 service at Port City Community Church after attending the 8:30 and realizing that I need to stop putting my baggage and expectations on Amanda.  Amanda helped tag the two year olds and I played with the three year olds.  I was in a different room today, but one of the girls I remember watching before, Hannah, was in my room today.  I enjoyed doing it again, although there’s definitely a different dynamic when there is a majority of boys.

Amanda and I thought about going to Wrightsville Beach this afternoon, but it was windy.  Since it was windy the surf wasn’t good and the sand would be blowing in the dogs’ eyes, so it defeated most of our purposes for going out there.

Instead we sat around the house, which, after all the driving and activity we’ve had so far this weekend, was a pretty welcome thing.  Amanda caught up on her Days of Our Lives, I got caught up on this website and played some games.

Amanda still wasn’t feeling great today so I went out and got her some KFC, which she normally doesn’t like, but she wanted some crispy chicken.  Unfortunately the chicken wasn’t particularly crispy.  I got myself some popcorn chicken though, and that was really good.

We watched some TV for a bit.  I called Kelia Pless tonight, partly to get Chris Mowbray’s number but also to talk to her.  It’s funny- we used to talk on the phone for hours back in high school, and just talking to her for a few minutes reminded me of a lot of her old mannerisms.  She’s got a baby due on New Year’s Day.  It’ll be pretty cool if the baby is born on the expected date.

I didn’t get up with Chris, but I did see an e-mail from someone who is interested in joining our small group.  They just moved here from… aw, I forget which state, but one of them out in the midwest.  When I called him I told him that we had another couple from that region and asked if he was 6’7″ (like Lars).  He said, “No, I’m only 6’5″.”  He and his wife will be joining us at Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson’s this week.

Amanda and I continued to watch some TV until she went to bed.  Then, as I often do on Sunday nights, I watched Deadwood and Entourage.

Zach Dotsey