Harvey was a butt last night.  Amanda wasn’t comfortable on the futon so we moved the futon mattress to the floor, which was fine, but there wasn’t a whole lot of extra room in the room we slept in that way, and harvey moved around a lot.  I got up to let him out sometime between 6-7 and most everyone else was awake.  Jackson (who you may recall was asleep last night when we got to the house) saw me and said, “Hey, what’s he doing here?”  I grinned, let the dogs out then went to play with him.  He asked where Amanda was and waited for her to get out of the bathroom so he could surprise her.

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We all went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, me, dad, Jackson and Uncle Roy in one car, all the ladies in another (they left early to go to Target), with my brother, Adam Dotsey plus Renee Sikes and her parents, Bob and Rachel Sikes, meeting us there.  After that we all (except for Renee’s parents) watched Jackson play soccer with Josh coaching him.  Jackson actually blocked some goals in his tenure as goalie, but he kept looking at us, playing with the grass and dirt when everyone else was on the other side of the tiny soccer field or, after he wasn’t goalie anymore, coming to us on the sidelines.  The funniest thing was when he was pouting because he said someone had shoved him, but we urged him to get back on the field because the ball was nearby.  He went back out with his arms crossed in a pouting manner with his back to the ball and when we were all yelling for him to kick the ball he gave a half-assed backwards kick.  He did hit it!

I’m not sure which team won, but I guess that wasn’t the point.  The kids just ran back and forth and kicked the ball and drank juice afterwards.

When we got back to Andra and Josh’s my mom, Adam, Amanda and I all ended up taking naps.  Jackson was a bit wild and accidentally hit Amanda with a little hockey stick.  It didn’t hurt her, but he wouldn’t apologize so he got in trouble.  He was a bit fussy, but he ended up falling asleep too.  Everyone else was watching the South Carolina playing football at Kentucky, but the Wildcats ended up losing.  There were a lot of upsets today.

Amanda and I got up eventually and bathed Harvey, who was slobber-wet from TC again.  Amanda took a shower then I took one.  Jackson wouldn’t let me pee alone, much less take a shower, and he needed one too, so, yeah.  Andra and Josh told me it wouldn’t be a big deal, and I’d taken a bath with him once when we kept him, so, there you have it.  He mostly just played with a toy on the shower floor anyway.

We put Bruce, Harvey and Emma, in a kennel in the backyard then Amanda and I left to go to Andra’s baby shower.  Andra and my mom had already gone to help set up and such, and we left before the rest of the crew so we could grab a bite to eat- Amanda wasn’t feeling great and needed some food.

We met back up with everyone at Paige’s house.  She had a nice spread of finger foods there plus some really good meatballs, and the punch was good too.  There were a bunch of people we didn’t know there, of course.  Andra opened her baby gifts and Jackson got the Yoda I bought him yesterday.  Josh had told me that Jackson was into Star Wars toys right now and he seemed to really like it, although he liked the animal Yoda came with more than Yoda himself.

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Amanda and I left with Adam and Renee (whose car was at Andra and Josh’s house) around 5:00.  The ride home was uneventful and we got home about 9:30, so we made much better time on the way back.  I was the only living being awake for the vast majority of the trip.  One of the annoying things about the trip from Wilmington to Gastonia (or vice versa) is all the Reduce Speed Ahead signs, particularly the ones that don’t seem to have any purpose.  To that end, I counted them on the way home.  There were twelve.  The other thing I did to entertain myself was to come up with a TV series about a zombie invasion told in the style of Lost.  I think it could be a hit.

Zach Dotsey