Tough day of work.  Lots of lunch errands.  I started out with lunch with Michael Mercer and Chris Burfield at South College Deli (it was good- they piled on lots of meat), which was the first time I’d been there.  Then I picked up my check, deposited at bank, went to Target to get toy for my nephew, Jackson Sawyer (his mom will be opening a bunch of baby presents tomorrow so I thought a Yoda would make him happy), paid off some work Dave Narron did yesterday on the Jetta then paid the mortgage.  So I deposited some money today then spent it all.

I’m glad the week’s over.  Work has been harried and hectic so I finished with the week with a beer even as I started packing up to go to Gastonia.

My baby sister, Andra Sawyer, called this morning and told us we could stay at her place and she and Josh would go to Josh’s mom’s house.  Andra originally told us we could stay with Paige, but we’d have missed out on visiting with my (direct) family by not going to Andra’s house, so we were just going to leave early.  Andra wanted us to be able to come on down, so she put forth that offer.  We’re going down there for her baby shower.  She’s due in about five weeks.

The trip took us almost (but not quite) five hours.  Amanda told me that since I drove to and from Chapel Hill last week that she’d drive this weekend.  That lasted about as far as wherever it was we stopped for some BoJoangle’s dinner, which was about two hours into the trip.  We stopped one other time to pee and to give Bruce and Harvey an opportunity to do the same (though they didn’t take advantage).  The iPhone also gave us slightly different directions from our last trip to Gastoina and had us go through the Gastonia ghetto.  We stopped at one gas station to get our bearings, but Harvey started growling so we decided to keep moving.  We were going in the right direction anyway.

When we got to Andra and Josh’s house Jackson had already fallen asleep, a movie was ending and my parents were about to go to bed.  I talked to my uncle, Roy Horner, who has been staying with my parents and looking for a job in the area.  I think he’s starting a job with RDU Airport next week, but he’s always been a reporter so I think he’s looking for something to do with that, and to get back to his family in Pennsylvania.  It must be very tough for him to be away from them like he is right now.

Andra and Josh’s husky, TC, got along really well with Bruce and Harvey.  He tried to hump Harvey a couple times, but after a few minutes they played really well together.  Both of our dogs were as wet as if they’d been out in the rain from TC’s drool though.

Amanda and I are sleeping in the computer room.  Uncle Roy’s on the couch and mom and dad have Andra and Josh’s room while the homeowners are taking a spot on Jackson’s floors instead of heading over to Paige’s.

Zach Dotsey