Big news in the world of Duke basketball: Ryan Kelly is going to be a Blue Devil!  Ryan Kelly is a top twenty, five-star kid from Raleigh and was being heavily recruited by Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Georgetown.  Confidential sources told me ahead of time that he was a pretty sure lock for Duke.  He’ll be joining the Blue Devils next year as part of the freshman class of 2009, which is shaping up to be a monster team.  Duke has several recruits for next year and 2010 lined up that should seriously put them back in the Final Four.

Work work work.  Work’s been very busy.

Nick and Amy Warkentien came over and helped us put a dent in the leftover chicken pot pie before we all watched There Will Be Blood.  I’ve wanted to see this movie since it was in the theaters.  Nick and Amy rented it for us to watch last week, but we started watching movies too late.  Daniel Day Lewis was just plain awesome, as per usual.  He was just mean and evil, and certainly deserved his Best Actor Oscar.

Zach Dotsey