I had back to back meetings that took up literally half my day today, so I spent a good portion of my day up at The Connection.  You know, I really like that place- good atmosphere and good food and all, but the wireless connection is very spotty.  I’ll be online for a bit then it’ll drop for a few seconds and then it’ll pick back up.  It’s kind of annoying for a place calling itself The Connection.  Doesn’t stop me from going there though.

My first meeting was with an old client who wanted to be able to do a lot more with their website. He brought along a lady to help him remember everything and to ask the right questions.  At the end of the meeting I stood up when she stood up, which she took note of, telling me that my parents raised me right.  I told her I just watch a lot of old movies.  I try to do things like that now and then, but in casual settings it’s a bit odd.  I mean, if we had Nick and Amy over and we were all sitting around talking and eating dinner and she had to get up to go to the bathroom I would think it would look very awkward if I were to stand up when she stood up.  On the other hand, I’d like to do things like that more often when going out to eat with Amanda.

My second meeting was the Greg… I can’t recall his last name right now.  Anyway, I’d gotten into a conversation with him at the small group connection, and after e-mailing a bit I thought he might be able to use him as a contractor from time to time.  He’s a very industrious guy with his hands in a lot of things, plus he’s creative and does good work.  On top of everything else, he’s very competitively priced.  It was a good meeting.

I went surfing after work, meeting Michael Mercer, Lars Boscaljon and Kyle Van Zandt.  Kyle was on a boogie board, but the rest of us were on our usual boards.  I think there were maybe two other surfers out there on Public Access 30 at Wrightsville Beach, and at first there was nothing.  I happened to catch one wave that I rode a good long time while Michael drifted up and played what white water he could find and Kyle boogie boarded the shore break.  Lars and I drifted in a bit to try to catch some of what Michael was catching, but when we did the tide started to take out some of the excess water and the waves got pretty good.  We all caught a number of waves and had a good time.  Michael ended up so cold that his hands were as blue as the outer blue ring on my surfboard.  But yeah, we had a blast.

Amanda and I watched Pushing Daisies when I got home then she went to bed.  She’d been tired earlier these days.  I played Halo 3 with Michael and Chris Flowers for a bit.

Zach Dotsey