Work drudged on today.  I don’t know what the deal is- I mean, I still love my job, but it hasn’t been as fun lately.  I think it’s because there have just been so many jobs that Scott and I have had to just bang out and get through.  Also, I enjoy making new relationships with people when I do the selling, and there haven’t been a whole heck of a lot of new sales jobs lately.  There have been a few, but mostly there have been updates.

Amanda Dotsey, my wife, came home early today.  She hasn’t been feeling well these past few days and left work around 1:00.  She took it easy on the couch, resting and watching Days of Our Lives, Ellen and whatever else she could find on the TV.

We picked Lars Boscaljon up on the way to small group tonight.  The meeting was at the home of Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson, which is on the side of town his wife, Kaitlyn Boscaljon, works.  Since he lives basically on the way (if we take Independence to get there) there’s no point in her coming back to this side of town or for him to ride his moped there.

We met Taylor and Esther Hutchens tonight.  They found us on the Group Finder and contacted me on Sunday and decided to go ahead and check us out.  They’ve been married for just over two months and moved to Wilmington from Missouri about three weeks ago.  They seem like some nice kids who will fit in with the rest of us pretty well.  They both surf, too, so Lars and I invited them out for Wednesday Night Surf Club.  We spent the night just takling and getting to know one another a bit, which I like to do when there’s a new couple.  Makes heavier discussions a little easier later on, you know?

Justin Hauentstein was in St. Louis tonight, or someplace like that, working.  Lisa wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t come.  Elliot had a training in Raleigh and he was a little late getting home.  Today was his last day at his current job and he’ll be going back to a place he used to work with a big promotion, so good for him!

Amanda got ready for and went to bed right after we got home.  I really hope she starts feeling better soon, the poor thing.

Zach Dotsey