Work was work, as it has been the last couple weeks.  After work I went out for Wednesday Night Surf Club.  Our new small group members, Taylor and Esther Hutchens, picked up Lars Boscaljon and met me and Michael Mercer out at Wrightsville Beach.  I took them upstairs to meet Anna and Barry Frazelle and Anna invited us all in and started talking to us.

The surf report said to get out there as soon as you could because the wind was supposed to mess up the waves, so I told Anna after a few minutes that we needed to get on out.  She said okay but then started talking again until Barry poked his head in and said we needed to geto n out there if we were going to do any surfing.  All those Lemons girls (and their offspring) sure can talk.

Esther had surfed earlier in the day and her arms were sore, but us guys went out while she sat on the beach.  There was a wave breaking to the north of where we went out, but there was a surprising crowd there.  We went out to where a few other waves were breaking, but they were hard to catch for a while.  Taylor got the first one, and I told Lars we were being shown up by a Wrightsville noob.

It picked up a lot though.  the waves got stronger and taller and we all caught a good number of them.  There were several waves that more than one of us caught together.  They were about chest high maybe and had decent push behind them, letting us go pretty far on them.  They broke wide, too, so you didn’t have to be in one spot to catch them.

There was one wave that I caught that Michael caught too.  He was coming up behind me and called out to me, and when I turned around I slipped off the board.  When we were paddling back out he joked that he should have cut me off.  So on the next one, which I was going to ride in since the sun had set and Taylor had gotten out (and was therefore probably ready to go, even though he and Esther were talking to Anna and Barry), Michael and I were both riding it again and I decided to cut him off.  We were both on the wave pretty well and there wasn’t much left to it so we weren’t going very fast or anything, but I did in fact cut in front of him.  Of course I risked getting my ankles cut off, but I was laughing pretty good when my board ran out of steam and I sank into the water.

I came home to find my wife, Amanda Dotsey, finishing up some Days of Our Lives.  We watched The Pickup Artist 2, the second season of the douche Mystery teaching insecure losers how to talk to women.  The first season was really entertaining, we thought, so we were looking forward to it, honestly.  She went to bed after that, setting the TV on one of the channels showing the Presidential Debate.

Remember the thing I said about the Lemons girls and their offspring and how they liked to talk?  I missed the first bit of the debate.  Amanda, knowing she was going to fall asleep, asked me to DVR the debate, so I went downstairs and did that.

I folded a bunch of clean clothes while watching it.  I’m still not sure who I want to vote for.  I think I like John McCain better, but I’m not sure how I feel about some of his ideas.  I know a few days ago I said I was leaning more towards Obama, but my gut’s not liking that idea as much.  Obama is leading in all the major polls right now.

In the post-debate discussion, NBC had a group of screened undecided voters in Virginia, a battleground state.  There were six of them, and when asked, one said they were now planning on voting for Obama and three said they were going to vote for McCain.  Two, like me, remained undecided.

I need to figure it out soon.  Tomorrow in North Carolina we have an opportunity to vote early, which is pretty cool.  I’d do it, but like I said, I’m just not ready yet.  There are a lot of local people I need to decide on as well.

Amanda was feeling better today.  She wasn’t 100% yet, but she was better at least.

Zach Dotsey