I had a meeting today with a longtime client.  I actually met more with his employees to show them how to use the WordPress blogging software we installed on the site for them.  Even though the shop is really near the house I’d never been inside there before.

Nick and Amy Warkentien came over to watch The Office tonight.  They called around 7:00 saying they were almost there with some Little Caesars pizza, and it was a good thing they called because I was about to walk out the door to pick it up myself.  Anyway, since we had about two hours before The Office came on, we watched Ghost Hunters, My Name is Earl (which was a pretty funny episode), flipped around on the tellie a bit, watched the beginning of a two-year-old episode of Saturday Night Live on our DVR and then we watched The Office.

It was a pretty good episode of The Office.  Michael was throwing a baby shower for Jan and she showed up with the baby, deciding to have it without him there.  I really like the episodes where you see some of the complexities of Michael Scott’s character, and this was one of those.

The end was a bit odd though.  Pam and Jim had tried to talk to each other and just weren’t communicating well.  They ended up calling each other at the same time and leaving each other voice messages that were very similar, basically like having a conversation without having the conversation.  It was nice and it was sweet, but the cutting back and forth, the way it was done and paced, it just didn’t feel like something on The Office.  It was too cinematic I think.

I drank Pepsi tonight.  I don’t think I’ve had any caffeinated soda since March, but Nick and Amy brought a two-liter with them and I thought it would be good with the pizza, so I partook.

Nick and Amy hung around for a while, watched the Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend Update, and we all talked about this and that.  I think Nick and I could have kept talking for a while but Amanda was going to bed and I think Amy was getting tired too.  After Amanda went to sleep and Nick and Amy left I finished catching up on True Blood.

In the first episode I watch I was really surprised by the fact that they killed Adele, Sookie’s grandma.  In the next one, after people who have come over bearing gifts of food and (unwanted) company leave her house there’s a scene where she’s eating a pecan pie that her grandma made and she just breaks down and finally cries while she’s eating it.  I thought that was a very tender and real moment.  I was also surprised that Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie, had a topless scene at the end of the episode when Sookie gives her virginity up to Bill (the vampire).  I just didn’t really see her doing that.

On a complete side note, I had to pee a lot today.  I mean a lot.  I lost count.  I suppose I’ll have to get that checked out if it persists.  I only mention it for posterity, in case I need to remember it and in case it does turn into something.

Zach Dotsey