I got a bug to play with Photoshop a bit this evening and I came up with this picture.  I also did a surfing collage featuring me, Michael Mercer and Lars Boscaljon.  I’m not entirely happy with it so I’m not going to bother posting it.

Speaking of Lars, my wife, Amanda Dotsey, and I were slated to go to a birthday party for Kaitlyn Boscaljon.  Amanda wasn’t feeling well though.  She’d have probably made an appearance if it were at their apartment, but Kaitlyn’s mom is in town and rented a place at Carolina Beach, so if Amanda suddenly decided she needed to leave it would have been a forty minute trip instead of a five minute one.

I was going to go ahead and go myself because I felt bad about the idea of not showing up at all for Kaitlyn’s birthday party, and at first Amanda was fine with that, but then she decided she wanted me around.  She spent most of the night on the couch resting while I messed around with the computer, although we did watch a little TV together.

After Amanda went to bed I played a little College Hoops 2K7, which I haven’t really done since I had Bob Redford take over head coaching duties at Ole Miss.  We’re doing pretty good so far, but I don’t feel great about our recruiting prospects.

Gas, by the way, has really dropped in price lately, which is great.  A week ago it was very close to $4.00 a gallon, but it’s dropped steadily the past few days and is now $2.97.  Pretty awesome, huh?  I just hope it doesn’t deter our outrage as a nation and distract us from the search for alternative fuels.

Oh, Nick and Amy Warkentien found out today that they’re having a baby boy.  Congrats, guys!  Unfortunately, now they can’t use the name Violence Justice (as we determined that it is a girl’s name).

Zach Dotsey