Amanda and I slept in until about 10:00 today, which was a nice little change.  My plan was to get up and mow the yard, but it was drizzling out, which is how it stayed pretty much all day today.  On the subject of needing to mow the lawn, the good thing, I noticed today, about having pine trees that drop pine needles all over the place is they make the grass not look so tall.

Amanda and I went to Atlanta Bread for breakfast then came home and picked up a bit, since her parents, Phil and Karen Mercer, were coming by.  A friend of Karen’s sold them a washer which they were bringing down here for Michael.  I was continuing my streak of dominance in College Hoops 2K7 when they arrived.

Phil and I, in a truck borrowed from Amanda’s grandfather, Earl Lemons, went over to Michael’s.  He’d just gotten off work and was taking a shower when we got there, but we went ahead and took the washer up, which wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks.  We hooked that up then the three of us went to Lowe’s, where Amanda and Karen had looked at ceiling fans for Karen and Phil’s new sunroom and had started to look at dryers for Michael.

The dryer was a lot lighter than the washer.

Phil spent some time hooking that up at Michael’s apartment while I watched some of the Duke and Miami football game.  By the time we got back to my house Duke was leading 17-14.  Karen had gotten some steak for dinner and they were making baked potatoes and salad which we all, Michael included, ate while watching football.  Carolina was playing Virginia at the same time, so we kept switching back and forth.  The good news is that Virginia beat Carolina in overtime.  The bad news is that Miami beat Duke, 49-31.  When Duke was up, Michael was predicting that Duke was going to lose 40-something to 20-something, and he was being a bit cocky about it.  It was only fitting that Carolina lost their game just a few minutes later.

Karen helped clean the kitchen (going above and beyond and really doing a nice job) then they all left.  Nick and Amy Warkentien called to see about getting together and playing Settlers of Catan or something, but again Amanda didn’t much feel like going out, so we’re just sitting around doing nothing.  At least it’s allowing me to do my entries on here the day of, instead of sometime during the week.  That’s a weekend rarity.

Michael let me borrow Bioshock, but I think I might play a bit more College Hoops 2K7.  I feel like finishing out my season at Ole Miss and seeing which recruits I end up landing.

Speaking of college sports, the Duke Blue Devils had their Blue-White scrimmage today.  The main points to what I’ve read are that Nolan Smith should start as the point guard over senior team captain and three-year starter Greg Paulus, that Gerald Henderson is going to blow up this year, that Martynas Pocius might get a shot at some decent backup playing time and that freshman Miles Plumlee should start at center.  Most everyone else played about as expected (for good or bad).  Of course, it was just an exhibition and practices have only just begun, so a lot may change before any real games start.

Zach Dotsey