Amanda and I went to Port City Community Church this morning, where we finished off a series called Perfect on Paper, which dealt with how life is so often seen as a resume, but how the focus should be more on serving God through our families.  Basically.

I felt like having pancakes for breakfast this morning so Amanda and I stopped at Lowe’s Food where I ran in to get eggs, orange juice and pancake mix.  We got this kind that comes in a bottle, so you just add water and pour it out.  It worked out pretty well, although I probably should have kept them on the skillet a little longer.

We didn’t do a whole lot after that.  I played some College Hoops 2K7 while Amanda watched TV until I joined her in that pursuit to watch The Pick Up Artist.  I’d called Barry Frazelle earlier to let me know if/when he was going to go out surfing, and he called during that show, so I left as soon as we finished it and got to Wrightsville Beach a few minutes after 5:00.  Barry told me to bring my spring suit, and I’m glad I did.

The water wasn’t that cold, but the air and the wind sure were.  It was much more comfortable being in the water than sitting up on the board.  The waves were pretty good though- about chest high I guess and pretty foreceful.  I ate it on a few but I didn’t feel too bad because I saw Barry wipe out once or twice too.  I caught a few, although I didn’t catch them as well as I’d have liked considering how good a lot of them were.

We were out there maybe half an hour and decided to go in.  The wind was cutting up the waves by then and with the added weight of the wetsuit I felt pretty wiped.  The other thing about surfing with a spring suit is that my crotch felt pretty uncomfortable.  Next time I’ll definitely just wear boxers or something thing underneath.  This time I wore a bathing suit and it bunched up up there.  At times it felt like there was a suction on my, well, ya know, and that was a pretty bad feeling too.  This was only the second time I’d ever surfed with a spring suit, and the other was so long ago that I don’t remember it much.  It was when the Frazelles were living in the cathouse while their current home was being renovated.

I hung out there with Anna and Barry for a bit.  Anna warmed up some leftover three cheese ravioli for me, and that hit the spot.  Really, it was excellent, and the two of them are such great hosts and great people.

I left after I ate and went home to pick Amanda up and head over to hang out with Nick and Amy Warkentien at their place.  Amy had run a mobile camera at church today and I thought some of her shots were particularly good.

We played Settlers of Catan and Amanda and Nick were both in contention to win.  Nick, in fact, would have won but he decided to build an settlement or city or something like that and prolong the game instead of winning by building another road and taking the Longest Road from Amanda.  Or something like that.  On that turn I got a development card and added a city, which brought my own total quietly up to eight points.

Nick was stolen from a few times and didn’t have enough cards to get that one final point he needed, and when I saw that he couldn’t win that round I knew I was going to.  I had to cover my smile with my cards.  I knew I was going to win, you see, because I had two Soldier cards already and had just drawn a third, but I had to wait until it was my turn again to play it.  My turn came up, I played it and I won.  Really, it was an epic Catan victory, but I felt a little bad taking the win from Nick because he had yet to ever win at that game.

Amanda and I went on home and she went to bed right away.   I watched Entourage and started watching Deadwood, but I was tired and knew I wouldn’t make it through.

Both of my fantasy teams did really well this week.

Zach Dotsey