Work wasn’t overly hectic today, which was a nice change of pace.  I think I got pretty caught up with everything I needed to do and was able to spend some time on some marketing ideas.

After work I worked on my photography website.  It was decided (once again) that I should try to do something with that particular skill, and the first thing I had to think about this time around was how to go about it.  Ultimately I decided to find and modify a WordPress theme and use WordPress to power the site (the same thing that make this one tick) so I spent some time tonight working on that.  It also gives me a chance to hone some CSS skills.

Other than that Amanda and I watched the usual Monday night TV, although we stopped short with Heroes because she said she wouldn’t be able to make it through the whole show.  We watched up until the first commercial, which was mostly just a recap and an explanation of how Hiro faked Ando’s death.

After Amanda went to bed I finished watching the Deadwood that I didn’t finish watching last night then I watched True Blood.  We’re thinking about giving up HBO, but some of the shows I look forward to the most are HBO ones.  I could always try to find them online or rent them once they’re released on DVD of course.

Zach Dotsey