Lunch with Peggy and Earl Lemons and Amanda at the mall.  Amanda and I got Chick-Fil-A.  Anna Frazelle showed up, then Michael then Hannah and Christian.

I went back home, worked.  Peggy and Earl showed up there after a bit and Earl helped me get to the bottom of our long-standing upstairs plumbing problem.  I was right about the problem in principle, but it was actually caused by the gasket holding the tube onto the pipe being broken, allowing water to fill up and run behind that wall.  I’m not describing it very well.  Anyway, I think I can just get a (hopefully inexpensive) piece to fix it.  So hopefully we’ll soon be able to take showers upstairs again.

I had called Justin Hauenstein to see if he’d given directions to Talyor and Esther Hutchens but as I was talking to him both he and Amanda reminded me that we were going to Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s for small group tonight.  Not sure why I thought otherwise, but I felt like a moron.

Mike cooked burgers on a grill for dinner.  We had a nice discussion, I thought, although a thought entered my head that likened members of our group to a basketball team.

Filled up on gas on the way home.  Since the weekend we went to Gastonia, gas prices have been coming down a lot.

Amanda and I watched Heroes when we got home then she went to bed.  I’m going to either work on the photo site some more or fall asleep in a minute.  Likely the latter.  I also hope to go back and flesh out this entry at some point.  I wanted to get the major things for the day down, but I don’t know if it makes much sense and I’m too tired to bother going back over it right now.

Zach Dotsey