We’ve got some added sales leads these past few days, which is definitely a good thing.  The company is fueled by recurring income and is doing fine in that regard, but extra jobs coming in=bonus.  I asked my boss, Scott Hendrix, what I needed to do to double my salary today.  He said we’d talk about it tomorrow.  I wouldn’t think he’s got a plan to literally double my salary, but it would definitely be nice.

I went to check out a wetsuit I’d heard about on Craigslist.  This girl found it in her house and had no idea where it came from.  We’ve been communicating for a while about it and finally figured out a time for me to check it out.  So I went and checked it out and to my surprise it was a perfect fit.  Right size, right thickness and everything.  Unfortunately, once I put it on I found that there was a small tear next to the seam on the upper thigh.

I tried calling Dr. G. Barry Frazelle, my surfing consultant, to see if it’s possible to repair a tear in a wetsuit, but I didn’t get him so I told the girl I’d have to get back in touch with her.  I called Anna to see if she knew anything about it and her suspicion was that once a wetsuit is torn it’s pretty much no good, but she wasn’t entirely sure so I called Surf City Surf Shop and asked what they thought.  The guy I talked to said you can actually get neoprene in a little can like rubber cement and you can use it to patch up wetsuits.  That sounded promising, but when I talked to Barry later he said that if it’s wearing out on the seam it’s best just to get a brand new one.  He said that if you durf a lot in a wetsuit it won’t last but a couple or so years anyway.  That sucks, given that they’re not the cheapest things in the world.

After work I went out to Wrightsville Beach for Wednesday Night Surf Club.  Lars Boscaljon had just gotten there before me from the looks of it.  He and I went out to look at the waves, which didn’t exist.  The ocean was flowing downshore like a river with all the wind and the only break in the great lake-looking thing was right on the shore.  Lars was disappointed because he actually had gotten a (XXL) wetsuit this past weekend and wanted to use it.  We stood out there commiserating for a couple minutes then headed back in, where Anna and Barry Frazelle bade us eat some banana bread and converse with them and Kirsten.

Lars and I headed off to our homes after a bit.  I talked to Michael Mercer on the way home to assure him that he missed absolutely nothing, as far as surfing goes.  He’s meeting up with Justin Hauenstein tomorrow night.  They got to talking at some point and discovered that they like the same kind of music so they’re going to hang out and, I guess, play some music or something.

While waiting at a stoplight I had checked my mail on my iPhone and saw that a client was wondering about some

Amanda was looked really nice tonight, I thought.  We just sat around and played catch-up with the DVR.  Tonight we watched Fringe before she got tired and went to bed.  Once she did I started catching up on Smallville.  Amanda has given up on the show and I probably could.  It just hasn’t been as good in the last few seasons, and now with Lex Luthor gone as well, well, they should probably just hang it up or go all out.

I just remembered that I had a pretty weird dream last night, but I don’t remember much of it.  All I do remember is being outside some building, looked maybe like a barracks.  It was to my right and in front of me was a field, I think a smattering of trees off to the left a little ways.  Anyway, a plane flew over and you could tell by the roar and the whine of the engines that it was going really, really slow.  And it was also so low that I could have probably thrown a rock at it.  The shadow came over us (I was standing around with a few people) and I just knew it was going to drop on us.  It crept, almost hovering above us and I started for the building to try to take some kind of cover.  But as I was about to get to the door the plane’s speed picked back up and it went on past us to go land.  I have no idea where that dream came from.  There was more to it before that I think, but I think that part was a lot more fantastical.

Zach Dotsey