Amanda and I had plans today.  We were going to go to church, do a little necessary shopping and then go spend some time at Wrightsville Beach walking the dogs.  Instead, we got up, went to Port City Community Church, ate breakfast with Kyle and Lorin van Zandt then went home and did nothing the rest of the day.

Kyle and Lorin were volunteering with the host team this morning, so we saw them before church.  They asked if we wanted to go to breakfast, and since we haven’t had a chance to hang out with them in forever, we were glad to do so.  So after church we went and ate at Sweet & Savory.

It was great catching up with them.  They’re both teachers, so if that didn’t keep them busy enough, Lorin’s going to cosmetology school.  She has a passion for styling hair, so she’s following that.  She drives over to Cape Fear Community College after she’s done teaching and spends most of the night in class every weeknight, so their time together is rare.  Lorin actually went to a styling competition in Greensboro this weekend and won first place with a “fantasy” style she did with her sister’s hair.  She showed us pictures, and it really was amazing what she did.  It reminded me of the trees around here with Spanish moss draped on them.  We got to talking and at some point down the road I may do some fashion portraits for her.

Amanda is in need of some new lady undergarments as the baby is changing her body a bit, so we went to Mayfaire so she could look for some new feminine apparel.  Victoria’s Secret wasn’t open yet so we walked around in Pier One and Barnes and Noble a bit before heading back to look at bras.  After that we went home, watched a little TV and got sucked into complacency.  Sundays have been lazy days for us lately.

One thing of note is that I got an e-mail from Mike Davino, who run  He said Duke has decided to hand out fewer press passes this year, so he’s not going to be able to hook me up to shoot any games.  I’m really disappointed by that.  I’m not upset at Mike at all, not by any means, and I told him I’d still be glad to do some UNCW games, but I was looking forward to sitting on the baseline at Cameron at least a few times.

It was night-dark by 7:00 tonight, probably earlier than that but that’s when I noticed.  I think we should get rid of setting the clock back- it’s going to severely hamper my surfing time.

Zach Dotsey