Today was mostly uneventful.  Peggy and Earl Lemons were in town, so I met them along with Amanda, Michael and Anna and Kirsten Frazelle at the mall for lunch.  Amanda e-mailed me from work later on and told me that Trish, a girl she works with, was having pancakes for dinner and thought that would be nice, so I went and picked up some pancake mix after work and made some for us.

Other than that we watched some TV.  Amanda went to bed and I watched a bit more TV.  I watched Entourage then started watching Deadwood but I was having a hard time staying awake.  That’s not a dig at Deadwood– I love that show.  I was just getting tired.

While Amanda and I were watching Ghost Hunters I was playing with a game on my iPhone called Word Wrap where you have six letters all scrambled up and you have to make as many words out of them as possible within a certain amount of time, and to go to the next level you have to get at least one word that uses all the letters.  I had the high score before but Amanda got involved and together we killed it.

Zach Dotsey