So I could talk about my day, but there wasn’t really much to it.  After work Amanda and I picked up toilet paper and paper towels from Target before picking Lars up and heading to Justin and Lisa’s for small group, but that’s not the big news of the day.

America has elected its first black president.  (Okay, so Barack Obama’s mom was white, but that doesn’t really matter.)  Wow, my child will be born in a world where the idea of a black president isn’t only portrayed in movies.  How cool is that?.

Who would have thought even a couple years ago that a black man with foreign sounding names, Muslim names that sound like two of America’s biggest enemies in the past decade at that, would not only be a serious contender for the highest job in the land, but actually become President of the United States?

The more I think about it, the cooler it is.  I can’t even begin to imagine the pride African Americans feel right now, especially the ones who grew up during segregation.  How great of a role model must he be to everyone?  I still don’t think I’m very comfortable with some of his ideas and policies, but on the TV they were just talking about getting the transition ready, and I thought about Obama replacing President Bush.  What a breath of fresh air Obama will be.  He’s young, energetic, charismatic.

I know a lot will be made of the race benchmark here, but this is a moment that ranks up there with other iconic moments in history.  I was going to list a few, but most of them weren’t positive things

Obama’s grandmother died a couple days ago.  It’s too bad she couldn’t have held on a few more days to see this, her grandson’s finest moment, a milestone in the history of America.

He’s just come out now for the first time.  The lady in the voting line in front of me and Amanda was absolutely sure that if Obama were elected he’d be assassinated.  I just imagined that happening right now and how awful, how completely and utterly horrible that would be.  I hope to God that does not happen, not now and not at any point.  That would do awful things to this country.

McCain made a very gracious concession speech about half an hour ago.  Obama just said some very kind words about McCain.  I’m glad that’s over.  I’m glad the election is over.  No more automated phone calls, no more junk mail telling me how to vote, not too much vitriol in commercials and on the news and talk radio.  Sean Hannity should be pretty entertaining to listen to over the next few days.

I’m all over the place, I know.  It’s kind of a big deal and I’ve got all kinds of thoughts going on in my head.

I hope Barack Obama can be the force of positive change everyone who voted for him thinks he can be.  I hope a Democratic majority won’t take the country too far left.

On another positive note, we’ll get to see more of Obama’s bodyman, Reggie Love.  Reggie Love played basketball and football for Duke.

Zach Dotsey