The above is Toast, by Parrish Stikeleather and Joey Connelley who both work with the e-media team at Port City Community Church.  I think they’re 19 and 17, respectively.  They’ve entered the Final Cut Film Festival for, what, the past three year?  And every year they win at least some sort of prize.  This film won best picture.

It should be explained that for the Final Cut Film Festival you only have I think 36 hours to make the movie, and to make sure you stick to that on the day you start they tell you a few things that have to be included in the film that you don’t know about ahead of time.  Parrish and Joey are both very talented.

Today was pretty uneventful.  No presidential elections, no new pregnancies, I didn’t even go outside but once to check the mail and bring the dumpster back from the road.  After Amanda got home she checked her Facebook and watched the above movie.

After that we hung out, watched some TV.  Amanda went to bed at about 8:30.  I finished watching Deadwood, in which Bullock’s nephew/adopted son gets trampled by a horse, and then I watched True Blood.  I think I might play some Bioshock after this, or maybe I’ll work on one of my various website projects.  That would probably be the wiser thing to do.

Now that I can’t go surfing after work I really need to find something active to do.  Maybe I’ll walk the dogs (or at least one of them) in the mornings.

Oh, I will be going to the Duke football game against NC State on Saturday.  Seth Holloman has an extra ticket and is driving up to Durham to catch the game with a few other people, so I’m looking forward to that.

Zach Dotsey