I felt today like I hadn’t gotten out of the house much at all this week, but really I got out more than I do many other weeks.  I had lunch at the mall on Monday and we had small group at Justin and Lisa’s on Tuesday.  Tonight Amanda and I went over to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s to watch The Office.  Lately we’ve been having dinner together, but they were getting ready for their 16 hour trip back home that they’re starting tomorrow.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned if before, because I couldn’t for a while, but Nick starts his new job with Port City Community Church after they get back, and tomorrow is his last day at his current job.  He’s really looking forward to it.

I enjoyed work today.  I started off with a plan to go out and do some hard core marketing, but I got mired in little things.  Towards the end of the day though, we came up with an application that we thought would go over well with a segment of our clientele, and sure enough, the people I talked to were all pretty excited about it.  That’s what felt particularly good- having a new and innovative application that people could not only benefit from, but that they were excited about too.  Now hopefully we can get a few of them to go ahead and move on them.

Zach Dotsey