Scott and I put the finishing touches on a sales newsletter I was working on Friday and sent it out today.  I’m pretty proud of it, but we haven’t had any responses yet.  It went out to right at 300 people and I’m hoping for at least a 1% return on it.  Other than that, work stressful at the end of the day and my father-in-law had drank my last beer while we were watching the Duke and Clemson football game on Saturday.

My baby sister, Andra Sawyer, called me on her way home from the hospital.  She couldn’t remember if she’d called me back this weekend or not (which she had).  She said Addison looks a lot like Jackson, and I told her that’s definitely not a bad thing.  My nephew is one good looking kid.  She was pulling up to her house, taking Addison home for the first time, as she hung up with me.

I talked to my mom later.  She and my dad are taking Jackson home to Rougemont for a bit, I guess to try to let Andra and Josh get settled with the new baby.  Her original plan was to stop by in Wilmington with him for a bit, but Josh is apparently uneasy with him being that far.  Nevermind the fact that we took him to Lexington, Kentucky for a week one summer when he was much younger.  Mom said she was working on it.

We had a small group coaching huddle at Polly and Dave Clawson’s to discuss some changes in the way small group ministry at Port City Church will go.  Nothing too major.

When we got home Amanda and I watched our Monday comedies, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, but in backwards order.  Amanda went to bed after they went off and I watched my HBO shows: Entourage, True Blood and Deadwood.  I can’t believe the HBO season is almost over- just one show left for Entourage and True BloodDeadwood has been over for a few years and is being shown in order each week, so at least I’ve got that to look forward to.

Zach Dotsey