Still no hits from my carefully-crafted newsletter.  Ah well.  Maybe in time.

Jason Revill told me today that it was snowing really hard in Durham.  A little later Amanda called me and told me she heard it was snowing at Target and wondered if it was snowing at our house.  I didn’t think it was, but as I looked out the window I thought I saw a few small white flakes flitting by, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was snow.  At any rate, there seems to have been snow in Wilmington today.  Not that whatever we got stuck anywhere.

The one bad thing about living here on the North Carolina coast is that it does rarely snow, so it’ll be a rare thing for our kids to see.  Then again, it’s not uncommon in Durham, so maybe sometimes they’ll get to play in it while visiting their grandparents.

Amanda and I picked up Lars on the way to small group at Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson’s house.  Kevin Millard mentioned before today that he and his wife Lauren might go.  I told him they could ride with us if they could go, but today he sent me a message saying he wasn’t sure if he could make it and I never heard anything else.

Elliot and Melissa had beef stew, apple cider and hot chocolate ready for dinner, which was perfect for a cold day like today.  Kaitlyn Boscaljon was already there and Elliot said he’d gotten a message from Justin Hauenstien that he had to work tonight, so it was just the three couples.  I think we had a pretty good conversation though.

On the way home Amanda and I listened to the Tar Heels put the smackdown on my homestate Kentucky Wildcats.  It was 15-2 at one point.  Amanda went to bed when we got home but I watched the game, texting with Michael Mercer for a while.  I eventually nodded off- Kentucky was never in any danger of mounting a comeback.

I did miss one big thing though.  in the last minute and a half or so, Tyler Zeller, one of Carolina’s freshmen, got a fast break and went up for a dunk.  A Kentucky player, Ramon Harris, went up to block him and had a small amount of contact, but Zeller ended up landing on his hand.  Rumor has it his wrist is broken and he’ll be out for a while.  A few Carolina fans are calling the play dirty, but the vast majority see it as it was- an unfortunate accident.  In the clip below you hear a lot of booing and I think one person even says, “Throw him out!” but it was all in the heat of the moment.  Ramon Harris even went back over to Zeller later to check on him.

With Marcus Ginyard and Tyler Hansbrough out as well, the Heels are starting to thin out.  Hansbrough could be back any day though, so while I hate it for a freshman (or any college player, but particularly a freshman who was doing well) to be injured, I think the Heels will (unfortuntely) be just fine.

Carolina won 77-58, by the way.  Boooo.

Zach Dotsey