Work was a tad slow today so in the midafternoon I decided to go walk around a little.  My original intent was to just hit up small business areas to see if anyone was interested in building or redesigning a website, but Scott suggested I start with existing clients.  He particularly suggested a real estate agent of ours, but I needed to go to the other side of town to get pills for the pets so I went downtown instead.  I handed out some business cards for distribution and got a couple leads from one of our bigger clients then followed up on those leads.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.

I’ll be on the real estate agent’s side of town on Friday, so I can do that then.

I used to have a job walking around and talking to people and businesses.  It was pretty fun at times and I wouldn’t mind getting back into doing that a little more with this job if I had more time to really devote to it.

Back home Amanda and I watched a little TV.  Nothing really eventful.

It turns out that Tyler Zeller, the Carolina player who was injured in the game against Kentucky yesterday, had multiple breaks in his left hand and will be out for the season.  Sucks for the kid. I found out he’d be out for the remainder apparently before ESPN even reported it, thanks to The Devil’s Den.

Again though, it shouldn’t hurt the Tar Heels much since Hansbrough will likely be back any day now.

Zach Dotsey