Amanda and I went to Seth and Dana Holloman’s to watch the Duke Blue Devils play the Southern Illinois Salukis.  Bad first half, awesome second.  Brian Zoubek continued to improve and Kyle Singler was the star of the game.  Henderson finally came alive in second, played like he should all season.  Nolan Smith’s dunk over two Salukis seemed to kick start the Blue Devil drive.  Gerald Henderson had this one particularly thunderous one handed jam.  Kyle Singler was fouled from behind on a breakaway dunk and slammed into the basketball pole and slid down it.  It looked pretty rough, but he was fine.  The final score was 83-58, Duke.

UCLA ended up losing to Michigan.  I was partly rooting for the Wolverines because I’m just not a big Bruins fan, but as unimpressively as they’ve been playing it would have been nice for Duke to meet them in the Coaches versus Cancer final.  It was the big early season matchup that everyone was looking forward to, but UCLA just couldn’t hold up their end of it.  Duke playing Michigan is even less exciting because they were already on Duke’s schedule anyway.  I guess there will be all kinds of commentary about “the last time these two teams met”.

Gavin, Seth and Dana’s kid, was really cute.  Amanda and I had only met him once before when Seth stopped by the house to pick up some sunglasses he’d left, and the kid was shy at the time, out of his element.  He was pretty entertaining to us tonight though.

Amanda and I watched The Office before she went to bed.  We won’t have any more Office nights with Nick and Amy Warkentien because they now have their small group on Thursday nights.

After Amanda went to bed I caught up on all the Smallville episodes on the DVR.  The next episode is the midseason finale, and the preview for it showed a glimpse of Doomsday.  In the comic books, Doomsday is the creature who (temporarily) killed Superman.

On a side note, lawyers, I have noticed, take forever to get around to giving all the information needed to put the finishing touches on a website.  We finished one up today that was started one year and eight months ago.

Zach Dotsey