About a month ago I was warned of the pregnancy crazies by Rich Biagini, whom I sometimes see out at Wrightsville Beach surfing and also plays the keyboard in the Port City Church band.  I proudly told him that my wife hadn’t suffered from the pregnancy crazies yet, but that was before today.  As I noted yesterday, sweet little Pistachio is now producing hormones, and I think they’re affecting his/her mother.

So tonight we’re sitting on the couch, watching TV.  Amanda’s favorite show is How I Met Your Mother, and when the theme song comes on a couple minutes into the show she always belts it out: “Ba, babababa, ba ba ba ba, da da, ba dadadadadada da da!”  Sometimes, just to mess with her, I’ll pause it right before the first Ba.  Joking around, never had an issue, right?

You can probably see where this is going already.

So she tells me to rewind it, which I always do so she can go ahead and sing it, but when I rewind it to the beginning of the song she says that no, I messed the whole thing up and I’ve got to rewind it to the beginning of the whole show.  Well, I enjoy the show but I didn’t want to watch the whole opening segment again, and I thought she was joking anyway, so I tell her I’m not going to do that.  Then she threatens to erase all the My Name is Earls on the DVR that I haven’t watched yet and I’m like, “Okay,” sarcastic-like, you know?

So that goes on for a minute then she gets up and starts to go upstairs all angry.  I incredulously ask if she’s really mad, at which point she tells me she thinks it’s the pregnancy hormones.  I rewind the whole show for her and try to tease her a little, telling her that I don’t think I’ll be able to put up with six months of that, and she starts crying and laughing at the same time!  I just wanted a baby, not six months of bipolarism!

Other than that the day was pretty ho hum.  At work there was a lot done on creating a new e-newlsetter server.  It was a little hectic early in the morning though.  After work I played Halo 3 a bit with Jason Revill.  It was the first he’d played online except for some co-op missions we played together a while back.  He did okay considering it was his frist time.  Before we got off I started a one-on-one game to familiarize him with one of the levels a little, which was kind of fun.

The On Demand and HD channels were working fine this morning, by the way.

Zach Dotsey