We had small group at Flaming Amy’s tonight.  It was a nice time to get everyone together before Thanksgiving and just hang out.  The ladies all sat at one end of the table and talked about whatever they were talking about and us guys sat at the other end and talked about sports and music.

There wasn’t a whole lot going on today.  My baby sister, Andra Sawyer, called and told me that her husband, Josh Sawyer, was unable to get Friday off so they were heading to our parents’ house in Rougemont this evening instead of tomorrow.  If we’d been told earlier Amanda and I could have gone ahead and packed up and maybe left after small group tonight, but as it was we’d have had to go to small group then come home and pack then leave and get to Rougemont around midnight or so.  Amanda would be exhausted and I wouldn’t get to see Addison or play with Jackson anyway, so we’re just going to get up in the morning, pack and go.  We were originally going to have lunch with Amanda’s grandparents, but we moved that to Friday for the trip back to Wilmington.

We finally started to watch Sweeny Todd tonight, but Amanda was tired and didn’t finish it.  I didn’t make it far in at all before falling asleep myself.  One thing about falling asleep, Amanda remembered that I needed to take the trash out, so what we do when I don’t feel like doing that (like if I’m dozing on the couch for example) is that we’ll leave the front door cracked to remind me to do it.  Well, I woke up from dozing and glanced over at the front door, which was now wide open.  The first thing that popped in my mind was that the house was dark and the door was open, so anybody could just come on it.  Then the thought crossed my mind that somebody had come in, and that’s why the door was open.  That gave me a shot of adrenaline and woke me up pretty fast, but then I realized that Cobblet was at the door, and when it’s cracked our cat will often open it up more so he can look out the storm door.  Still, the door being wide open when it was barely cracked before gave me a pretty good fright for a split second or two.

Amanda told me that while she was at work she was going to look at this website to see what I’d posted about her Pregnancy Crazies.  There was a server error this morning though, so she couldn’t see it.  I actually hadn’t posted it yet anyway though.  When I’m behind on my entries I make notes then go back and flesh them out.  I don’t think she’ll mind the Pregnancy Crazies picture I made unless she’s having a Pregnancy Crazies attack.

Zach Dotsey