Got up around 7:00.  We ate and I decided to clip dogs’ nails while Amanda was in the shower.  I tried not to cut too much, but I clipped the third nail on Harvey’s back right foot pretty bad and he bled a lot, which set us back half an hour.  Finally tried to fix it up with a paper towel filled with flower with a plastic bag to keep it all in and a sock to protect it all.  It lasted until Amanda and I went grocery shopping at the Kroger in Durham.  When we got back in the car Harvey had pulled it all off and bled a little in the car.  I held napkin a on his foot for the rest of the trip.  When we got to my parents’ house we redid it but used an actual adhesive bandage and tape on the sock to hold it on better.

We also got to meet Addison Jaclyn Sawyer for the first time.  My niece is tiny and beautiful, and she didn’t cry much at all, nor did she mind being passed around to people.

My uncle, Roy Horner, was there too.  He’s been living in Durham for a while, having gotten a job at RDU Airport.  It’s got to be tough for him being away from his family for Thanksgiving.  he also said he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get home for Christmas.

Her brother, Jackson Sawyer, was very excited to see me.  He always is.  It’s so fun to see him notice me, the way his face lights up.  He’ll look at me, grin real big then run over and hug me.  He’ll be four at the end of December, and I wonder for how many years he’ll react that way.

His dad, Josh Sayer, had rented Mortal Kombat vs. DC, a fighting game that pitted several Mortal Kombat characters against DC Comic heroes.  I really didn’t think it was fair for Superman, Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel to be on it.  No way the three of them could be beaten by anyone else on there, particularly Superman, and you could probably add Green Lantern to the list.  Anyway, Jackson and I played that for a bit.  He didn’t mind losing some (though I made sure never to lose with Superman- it just wasn’t right), but he did start to fuss about it after a while, even when he did win some.  We played a little bit of Marvel Ultimate Alliance too.  I was impressed at how well Jackson navigated around in the game, it being somewhat complicated.

We ate spaghetti for dinner.  Jackson spent most of the time doing everything I was doing, from getting the same food to going to the bathroom.  I wonder if my own kid will pattern after me like that.

Dad and Josh built a fire outside and we roasted s’mores.  My brother, Adam Dotsey, and his girlfriend Renee Sikes showed up sometime during that.  Renee decided to spend some time cooing over Addison before joining us, but for a while it was just the guys sitting out there enjoying some man time.  Jackson came out with us too and entertained us.  He sat in the dark behind my dad sneaking marshmallows and danced on the other side of the fire from us, sticking his butt out and smacking it.  He also almost fell into the fire climbing off my lap, but I grabbed him and pulled him back.  Yes, I’m a hero.

My sister, Erin Dotsey, rounded out the cast as some point during the night, I think around 10:00.  She and Josh went on a beer run and Adam and I tended the fire until they got back, but we were tired and cold by that point and headed on in.

Zach Dotsey