Got up, had bagels.  Amanda added egg and cheese.

My cousin, David Cherryholmes, and his wife, Oxana came by, then his mom, my aunt, Reggie Horner.  Aunt Reggie has lost 80 pounds and looks great!  Ended up with fifteen people and nine or so dogs at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

We had Thanksgiving lunch at noon.  Turkey, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole and more.  Everyone brought and/or made food.  We also had four different kinds of pies.

Finally took Harvey’s sock off.  Red but healed.

Went outside after eating just to do something active.  Ended up holding Jackson on Cassie, one of my mom’s horses, while my mom lead.  After a bit I got on Cassie with Jackson and when we went down to the silos.  I rode myself a bit, which was the first time in probably over a decade.

Bruce was limping after getting his leg caught in a blanket jumping off a chair.

Jackson got mad at me.  Can’t remember why.  I think he was cranky from being up so late last night.

Andra won’t be able to come to Wilmington or even Rougemont for Christmas because of Josh’s work schedule, so I’m not completely sure what we’re doing for Christmas

Watched a bunch of football, dozed off.

Zach Dotsey