Got up early and saw the Sawyers off.  Mom made pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Left the house around 10:00 and went to Amanda’s grandparents’ house for lunch.  Was stuffed.

Left there around 2:45 for Amanda’s parents’ house.  Watched Duke beat Duquesne with Michael, though game started late because another game was finishing.  Duke rolled, 94-75.  The last eight minutes was not so good, but all the freshmen were in getting game experience.

Hung out, ate friend bologna sandwich.  Were going to have steak but Karen didn’t actually have any, thought she did.  Helped Phil with laptop hard drive.  New sun room looks great.

Drove home, watched Law & Order SVU and House with Amanda.  She went to bed and I cleaned up all the Boston Legal episodes I had on the DVR.

Bruce is limping a bit still.  Hasn’t been doing it constantly since yesterday, but still slightly worrying.  Were told we’d have to watch his knees, but he’s not even six years old yet.

Zach Dotsey