Amanda and I took our sweet time getting moving this morning, but eventually we showered and such and went out to get a few Christmas gifts from Mayfaire.  We also picked up a photo ornament.  Amanda and I have gotten one every year since we’ve been married.  We get a picture taken and put it into the ornament.  We usually get it with the year engraved on it from Things Remembered, but they only had one ornament available this year, and it was the same as last year’s.  We got this year’s ornament from Pier One.

Today felt like a Sunday.  It was rainy and dreary outside and when we got back from shopping I napped on the couch a little with Bruce.  When I woke up Amanda and I put our fake tree together.  It wasn’t as much of a pain as I thought it might be, but I’m not looking forward to taking that sucker apart.  We had to rearrange a few things to find a decent spot to put it, but I have to admit it’s a nice looking tree.  Now we just need to get some pine scent for it.

Shortly after we got the tree together the Carolina-Duke football game came on.  Both teams seemed to score at will at first but Duke couldn’t keep up, eventually falling 28-20.  Michael Mercer came by with some Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner and helped us set up some of the decorations and watch the game.

A little while after Michael left we went over to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s house.  Her parents, brother Andrew and sister Alysse were visiting.  We took the leftover chocolate walnut pie over there and, just as it was with my family, it was very well received.  We chatted with all of them then watched Fred Claus, which was an alright movie.

I was flipping around just now and saw that Kentucky is playing West Virginia in Las Vegas right now in the championship of an invitational tournament.  When I turned it on seven minutes into the second half UK was down ten but with just a little over five minutes left it’s tied up with the Wildcats seeming to have the momentum.

Edit to add: The Wildcats won by nine.  I don’t know how they got down ten before, but they played like they were on a mission in the last half of the game.

Zach Dotsey