Back to work today.  I haven’t really worked since spending the trip from Wilmington to Durham (not Rougemont, I stopped working when we got off the Durham Freeway) answering tickets on my iPhone.  Turned out to be a good investment for Scott afterall, since it kept me productive.

It wasn’t overly stressful, but there was a good bit to catch up on.

Anna Frazelle came by.  I’d let her use my flash for the pictures she took of her daughters, Hannah and Kirsten.  We loaded all the pictures on my computer and picked out some of the better ones then I gussied them up a little in Photoshop.  Looking back at them I probably should have reduced the red in some of the skin tones, but the colors, particularly the reds and blacks, are now nice and rich.

Other than that I just worked.  I planned on going by the bank to tell them I need a new check card (although I suppose I could just call them) because a spot has worn out on the magnetic strip of my card, but I didn’t get around to it.  I’ve got a check I need to drop off at the government offices (something for the car if I remember correctly, which I might not) and I need to get Amanda’s Christmas present anyway, so I’ll take care of it then.

Nothing else too exciting today.  Amanda and I watched the season finale of The Pick Up Artist, which Simeon won.  We weren’t too surprised by that, since Matt seemed like a more natural, nice guy.  (Read: Simeon was more douchey.)  We also watched Pushing Daisies, which Jason Revill told me today wasn’t being renewed for another season.  It’s getting beat out by Knight Rider, which is one of many things wrong with this country.

Speaking of that, it appears that we’re officially in a recession.  I think everyone knew it, but it was announced today, despite the good news of higher than expected sales on Black Friday (the big shopping day after Thanksgiving).  The stock market, petulant child that it is, dropped.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Duke-Purdue game, part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.  Duke is 9-0 in the series, but the Boilermakers are going to be a good test for the Blue Devils.  Most fans expect a single-digit win while the odds-makers have Purdue winning by a couple points.

Zach Dotsey