I actually had this dream last night.  True story.

So I was sitting in the kitchen early one morning, like around 6:30 or so and a Duke game was on.  The Blue Devils were down 13-6 at with 1:37 left in the first half.  (I know, the first two sentences don’t make much sense.)  Amanda was about to go to work (and she was taking her co-worker Allison with her, even though Allison lives in Leland) and I mentioned to her that I was going to pick up an antenna for both the TVs in the house so we could get local HD programming (I think we were going to be dropping cable?) and she started telling me I would need to get an HD antenna.

I started to explain that you don’t need an HD antenna and she asked me how much it was for one I was looking at.  I told her I didn’t know, but it would be just a cheap little antenna, nothing special.  Then she started going on about making sure it would get the HD signal and all and I finally told her, “Listen.  There was a guy on the Duke board who got a regular antenna and it works for him just fine.”  She left it alone and went on to work.

I was a bit snippy at her because, well, Duke was down 13-6 with 1:37 left in the first half.

Zach Dotsey