Vegas had Duke losing by two.  A lot of people were predicting the upset.  (The Blue Devils are ranked fourth, the Boilermakers ninth or tenth depending on the poll.)  Instead, Duke went to Lafayette, Indiana and started out 7-0 and didn’t look back.  They were up eight at the half but ended up winning by sixteen, despite what we could call it “uneven” officiating, a loud hostile crowd and some tough defense by Purdue.  Duke went to stall ball somewhat early and at first I was a little glad because of the fast pace and physicality of the game, but they weren’t able to make plays at the end of the shot clock that way, though it did accomplish ticking off a lot of seconds.  They went from a sixteen point lead to an eleven point lead, but then Purdue started fouling and missing their own rushed shots.

Duke ended up winning 76-60.  Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer both had twenty points and the Blue Devils out-rebounded the Boilermakers by twenty.

Other than that, Amanda and I had small group over at Justin and Lisa Hauenstein’s.  Mike and Kaitlyn Bosclajon were there, but Justin told me Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson weren’t going to be there due to work.  Elliot’s work, I think.

I was thinking as we were leaving Justin and Lisa’s that we should hang out with them more often.

Amanda’s pregnancy-induced forgetfulness seems to be taking over to some small degree, at least where her purse is concerned.  This past Saturday she left it at Nick and Amy Warkentien’s and tonight she left it at Justin and Lisa’s.  We weren’t too far away when she remembered, but I might have to start asking her if she’s got her purse when we leave places.

Zach Dotsey