I’m not entirely sure why I watch Carolina basketball games.  For example, tonight I’m watching the Heels take on Michigan State.  The Spartans were sticking with it for a little while, but then they started missing shots and the scoring gap began to grow.  I wasn’t expecting Michigan State to upset UNC, but Amanda had to call down from the bedroom to remind me to get out of the habit of saying certain words while watching basketball before the baby comes.

I ate lunch today with Amanda, her grandparents, her aunt and her brother.  Peggy and Earl Lemons were in town and, as usual when they’re here, they bought us all lunch at the mall food court.  Amanda spent part of the time at The Loft with her grandmother and got a dress out of the deal.  She’s planning on wearing it to her office Christmas party this Friday and again to Don and Laurel’s wedding next month.

My mom called to shore up our Christmas plans.  I was half-dozing while Amanda and I were watching House at the time, so I just handed the phone to Amanda to take care of it.  I think it’s all sorted out now.  We’ll be at Amanda’s grandparents’ house to celebrate Christmas with her mom’s side of the family, then we’ll come back home.  My parents will come down Christmas Day and I’m thinking Adam and Renee will come over.  Then my parents will follow me and Amanda to her parents’ house later on to stop by and say hi before we have Christmas with Amanda’s immediate family.  I think that’s the plan anyway.

Scott set a new marketing goal for me this month focusing on selling an aspect of our newsletter service.  Hopefully I can do as well with this one as I did with the last one.

Michigan State’s down twenty-two now with just under sixteen minutes left.  I’m so sick of the Tar Heels already and can’t wait for them to lose a few games this season.  What’s that you say?  What if they go undefeated this season?  That would be terrible, so let’s just not contemplate that.  Holy Riek, a travel was called on Tyler Hansbrough!  That pretty much never happens, no matter how obvious.

Zach Dotsey