It felt nice out today.  This past week started out rainy and cold, but I was susprised when I went outside this afternoon with a light jacket and boots (my default close-toes shoes) and was not only able to take off the jacket but could have worn my Rainbows as well.

I headed out during a break in an otherwise pretty busy workday to go by Hannah Frazelle’s apartment.  Amanda has some black boots that she’s pretty positive she left at my parents’ house last year that she’s been unable to find since, but she needs some for tomorrow’s Christmas party.  Yesterday she went by the mall to see if she could find any she liked, but she couldn’t find anything in her size so she called Hannah and asked if she had any she could borrow.  So I went by Hannah’s to pick them up from her.  Hannah told me that Amanda was going to look sassy in them.

The boots are certainly cute, but when Amanda tried them on with the dress she got yesterday they just didn’t quite go.  I think they were just a tad too informal, so Amanda went back out (she got home a little early today) to look at some more boots.  She ended up coming home with two pair, one black and one brown.  The second pair was half off, so I couldn’t fault her for that.

On the pregnancy front, I think I’m still suffering from sympathy symptoms.  I got plenty of sleep last night but I was again dozing as we watched TV tonight.  I really don’t know why I’ve been so tired other than that.  I mean, the only thing that’s changed is that I’ve been going to bed generally a little earlier, unless staying up late for several years is just finally catching up with me.

I think Amanda’s starting to get a bit of a belly now.  I kiss her stomach every morning and every night, and last night I noticed that her tummy felt a bit tighter.  We briefly examined it tonight and we both seem to think the baby belly is starting to show, but it’s not something you’d notice without her belly exposed yet.

Zach Dotsey